Intensive workshops are specific language trainings which support intensive learning based on any of the CEF levels or workshops which have a modular structure. Intensive workshops aim to enhance participants’ specific language skills via blended learning concepts in specific areas e.g. business language workshops, telephoning, negotiations, meetings, intercultural competence etc. Intensive Workshops can be conducted in-house or at a place of your choice, they can be combined with virtual elements and tailored to your needs.

Courses in Wicklow, Ireland

We also conduct intensive workshops at our partner location the “Elbow Room” in the beautiful surroundings of Wicklow, Ireland where the participants can immerse themselves in the language and culture.

  • Group or individual training
  • Presence learning or blended learning
  • Specific language learning program combined with soft skills
  • Fast and practice-oriented
  • Compact design of timeframe and content
  • Intensity and duration according to goal and needs

HIGHLIGHT: Elbow Room, Ireland – Learn languages, engage in group activities, build competencies, engage in self-reflection, experience relaxation