The goal of this training is to enhance the participant’s general knowledge of the target language and to incorporate the professional terminology used in the world of finance and auditing. The participant will acquire fluency of speech when conversing with international business associates. Emails, reporting, negotiations, presentations and socializing are the main areas of emphasis in this training.


  • Vocabulary acquisition and terminology for discussion in the world of finance
  • Eliminating typical mistakes (grammar, syntax, etc.)
  • Effective communication depending on the group’s specific requirements, i.e. with focus on mergers and acquisitions, finance controlling, investments, stock markets etc.
  • Etc.


  • Blended learning concept
  • Interactive presence or online learning, group work, chats, discussions, etc.
  • Use of digital learning and innovative content
  • Etc.

Target Group

The participant should have reached an intermediate to advanced language level and requires the target language for job-specific tasks. This training is designed to suit the requirements of those working in the area of finance in industry.