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Our language training assessment and courses are based on the CEF level categorization. (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The CEF comprises all four standard content areas for language learning: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. The CEF offers a clear and transparent standard definition of competence in the six language levels:

Competency Levels
Basic use of language

A1 – Learners can understand and respond verbally to foreseeable social situations. They can write and talk about themselves in simple words and pose and answer simple questions in speech and writing i.e. where they live, who they know, what they have. Understanding sentences in simple daily life situations and following short discussions/texts on known subjects is possible.

A2 – Learners can understand and use phrases of civility and react to foreseeable settings. It is possible to follow short discussions/texts on known subjects. Learners can understand short questions and answers in recurring, simple and real situations.

Independent use of language

B1 – Learners can manage daily life situations and make conversation in routine, simple and foreseeable settings. They can write and talk about cultural interests and describe daily routine in speech and writing. Comments on past and future events in speech and writing are possible.

B2 – Learners can use the language in a way as to ensure active participation in formal, professional discussions, e.g. hypotheses, views and arguments. They can communicate informally on practical, social and professional subjects, even in unforeseeable situations and make themselves understood in speech and writing in familiar and unfamiliar social life situations. It is possible to follow a discourse presented at normal talking speed and grasp context-related problems. Learners extend vocabulary by synonyms in order to become familiar with linguistic subtleties and can verbally manage daily professional tasks.

Professional use of language

C1 – Learners are able to talk and write almost as eloquently as a native speaker and use the language purposefully in speech and writing. They can comfortably negotiate in line with the situation, express nuances of thoughts using an ample vocabulary in speech and writing. Understanding regional accents in discussions of social or professional relevance and interrelated thoughts, talks, literature and conferences in special fields.

C2 – Learners express themselves in speech and writing at the level of a native speaker with an excellent intellectual background and very good specialist knowledge. They can use the whole range of language depending on circumstances and meet all requirements of the preceding levels in speech and writing. Learners understanding linguistic subtleties in negotiations, adhere to convincing lines of reasoning and navigate ambiguity in conversation.