TEC Institute has over 25 years’ experience providing professional translating and editing services to industry


  • Established and highly professional human translation service with extensive experience translating a wide variety of texts from documents to presentations
  • for over 25 years, we have worked with a diverse range of small and large companies and multinationals both nationally and globally and tailor our document translation service for numerous industry sectors from technology to communications, government and finance
  • we offer expert, 100% human translation in over 100 languages
  • our global web of translation centers utilizes the best resident talent to produce superior professional translations in a localized context
  • high-quality of our translation service is driven by our network of full-time and freelance translators, linguists, interpreters and proof-readers, all with professional qualification in their specialized fields

We are adaptable and versatile, offering a tailored service to individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies whatever their needs, wherever they are in the world.


Individuals and organizations working in demanding, high-powered environments, whether in policy, investment or corporate PR, often need to produce quality texts under tight deadlines. We offer the expertise, and the trust, to refine and better target texts for the intended readership. Working across diverse sectors, we can help edit and produce superior texts for all your communications needs.

Our editing service offers important benefits::

  • Expert editing for improved impact
  • Quick response to ensure your message is heard in time
  • Precise, word-perfect and ready-to-print texts
  • Versatile editing support to utilize when you most need it
  • Trust: we ensure confidentiality